Lumel VTR05

Lumel vtr05

VTR05 ensures galvanic isolation between input, output and the supply circuit. The transducer meets all the requirements concerning EMC according to PN-EN 61010 standard.



  • Electric Isolation for standard DC signals.
  • User selectable type and range of input.
  • Solves grounding problem in meshed signal networks.
  • High electric isolation between input and output 2.3 kV, and power supply versus all other circuits 3.7 kV.
  • Basic Accuracy: limit error < ± 0.2 %

Slični proizvodi

lumel vtr10

Lumel VTR10

VTR10 transforms the RMS value of AC current and voltage into standard DC signal. Input, output and supply of the transducer are galvanic insolated. The construction of the transducer ensures accurate and fast signal transformation.

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