Lumel SM61

Lumel sm61

SM61 is a new and practical solution, which provides you continuously visualization of process parameters by any web browser from the most distant places of the world. For communication with SM61 you can use PC, tablet or mobile phone with a web browser.



  • visualisation of current and archived data according to customer configuration (synoptic maps, charts, tables) by any web browser,
  • readout up to 2500 values from slave devices (up to 100 devices, each 25 registers),
  • user-friendly application for data configuration SM61 config,
  • 1 GB Flash memory,
  • built-in FTP and web servers,
  • possibility of recordering on FTP server,
  • e-mail messages in case of alarm occurs,
  • alarms or binary inputs for control of archiving,
  • RTC (real time clock),
  • possibility of simultaneously work by many users,
  • user’s access control by a password.

In May SM61 was awarded for innovative solution by Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

Lumel sm61

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