Lumel SM4

Lumel sm4

The SM4 module of logic outputs is destined to control simple executing devices through the assigned logical states, received from the master device through the RS-485 interface.


The SM4 module has 8 OC outputs or 4 relays (depending on the ordering code) and the RS-485 interface with MODBUS RTU and ASCII transmission protocols. The programming of the modules is possible using RS-485 or RS-232 interface and LPConfig software.

Module parameters:

  • 8 outputs of OC type or 4 relay outputs,
  • RS-485 communication interface with MODBUS RTU and ASCII transmission protocols to operate in computerized systems,
  • configurable baudrate 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 bits/s,
  • programming interface on the frontal plate of RJ type (RS232),
  • External dimensions: 45 x 120 x 100mm.

Slični proizvodi

lumel sm1

Lumel SM1

The SM1 - 2 channels module of analogue inputs is destined to convert standard signals, resistance or temperature signals into numerical data accessible through the RS-485 or RS-232 port by means of the MODBUS protocol.

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