Lumel RP1

Lumel rp1

The RP1 power controller is destined for automatic temperature control systems in electrothermal devices.


It can be applied in electric circuits with resistance or inductive loads and resistance loads with a high temperature resistance coefficient.The RP1 power controller is a contactless power energy electronic device which includes a thyristor connector and electronic gate trigger system (GTS).This power controller allows to change the power delivered from the a.c. voltage source to the electric energy load in the function of the analog or pulse driving signal value.The system of two or three power controllers can be applied in three-phase actuators.

Kind of control

  • On/Off control,
  • pulse control: fast cycle, slow cycle
  • phase control

Maximal current output

  • 25A, 40A, 70A, 125A

Kind of control

  • load current limitation,
  • trigger deceleration of softstart type,
  • control of the initial trigger angle value,
  • control of the input line amplification,
  • trigger stoppage by an external signal,
  • supervising and signalling of current in the load circuit,
  • output U = f(Io),
  • supervising of the radiator temperature,
  • overload signalling,
  • signalling of the fuse damage,
  • Output of „Master/Slave” type,
  • relay outputs
  • External dimensions: 135 x 231 x 199mm,

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