Lumel RE01

Lumel re01

RE01 cotroller is destined to a temperature control in food industry, heating and cooling industry and everywhere when the stabilization of temperature changes is necessary.


It cooperates directly with resistance-type sensors Pt100, Pt1000 and NTC.The controller has one output for on-off control and one output for alarm signalling. The on-off control employs the PID or on-off algorithm. For the on-off control, the minimum on and off times for the output may be set. The control output has a changeover contact and allows for the direct control of low-power objects.An innovative SMART PID algorithm is implemented in the controller. In addition, the controller has a binary input to control the controller’s functions and an internal sound signalling device.


  • Input signal: Pt100, Pt1000, NTC 2.7K sensors.
  • Binary input to control the controller’s functions
  • Output for on-off control and one output for alarm signalling
  • Internal sound signalling device
  • Control algorithm:
  • on/off with histeresis
    acc. PID algorithm;

  • Parameters protection by a password
  • External dimensions: 76 x 34 x 80mm

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