Lumel PD8

Lumel pd8

Enables the access to devices with RS-485 interfaces for master devices and SCADA applications through the Ethernet network (independently of the communication protocol).


Different working modes:

  • TCP/IP socket
  • RealPort network service (resources connected to the computer, visible through the virtual port COM in the master computer),
  • UDP serial bridge (enables the connecti on of many parts of the MODBUS network in one whole connected through the Ethernet network)
  • External dimension: 45 x 120 x 100mm

Slični proizvodi

lumel sm1

Lumel PD51

PD51 converter/repeater RS-485/RS-232 interface is a digital device destined to convert the RS-232 into an RS-485 interface or the RS-485 interface into an RS-485 interface without the interference in the format and the structure of transmitted data.

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