Lumel PD51

Lumel pd51

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new product – S4AO. It is a module of 4 analog outputs dedicated to convert digital data sent by means of the MODBUS protocol to standard DC (voltage or current) signals.


Owing to the use of two RS-485 interfaces galvanically separated in the PD51 converter/repeater, for the counteraction to their mutual influences, it can be also used as a repeater of industrial networks what increases the distance of transmitted information.

This converter/repeater can be applied:

  • to connect a PC computer with industrial networks,
  • in applications in which it is necessary to use a PC computer with a visualisation program servicing devices equipped with an RS-485 interface,
  • in side-lines requiring the automatic control of the RS-485 interface transmitter,
  • voltage supply: 7...35V d.c.; 20...40 V a.c/d.c.; 85...253 V a.c./d.c.,
  • External dimensions: 22,5 x 120 x 100mm

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Lumel PD51

PD51 converter/repeater RS-485/RS-232 interface is a digital device destined to convert the RS-232 into an RS-485 interface or the RS-485 interface into an RS-485 interface without the interference in the format and the structure of transmitted data.

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