Lumel PA39

Lumel pa39

Power meters PA39 type are destined for measurements of the active and reactive power in 1 and 3 phase power network.


The devices fulfill the requirements of III installation's category for the products designed to industrial application


  • for measuring the active power in single-phase networks,
  • for measuring the active power in three-phase three-wire and four-wire power networks, with balanced or unbalanced loads,
  • for measuring the reactive power in three-phase three-wire and four-wire power networks,with balanced or unbalanced loads,
  • with zero on the left side of the scale, for measuring the unidirectional power flow,
  • with zero in the middle of the scale for measuring the bidirectional power flow.
  • input voltage: U = to 690V, also for co-operation with voltage transformer,
  • current input: I = 1A or 5A, also for co-operation with current transformer,
  • accuracy class: 1.5,
  • fixing in the panel.

IP65 protection grade in offered analog meter series: EA16, EA17, EA19, MA16, MA17, MA19, MA17P, MA19P, CA37, CA39, FA39, PA39.

Taking into consideration numerous inquires from customers, we would like to inform, that since January we can deliver above types of analog meters fulfilling IP65 requirements from the frontal face. Specially designed frames with a sealing enable the application of meters in very rugged atmospheric conditions. Meters in IP65 casings are available in following overall dimensions: 48 x 48 mm, 72 x 72 mm, 96 x 96 mm. External dimensions: 96 x 96 x 65mm

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Moving-iron meters EB16 type are destined to measure a.c. current or a.c. voltage. They measure the true RMS value of a.c. voltage or a.c. current.

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