Lumel P30U

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P30U transducer is designed to convert temperature, resistance, standard voltage and current signals into a standard DC voltage or DC current signal.


The output signal is galvanically isolated from the input signal and the power supply. P30U has programmable measurement and additional functions. Programming parameters can be realized with the use of buttons, via RS-485 interface and free e-con software or Ethernet or any web browsers via Ethernet interface.


  • input: programmable
  • thermocouples, resistance thermometers,
    0...4/20 mA, +/- 20mA
    -5...20mV, +/- 75mV; +/-200mV
    400, 2000, 5500 ohm
    RS485 Master or Slave

  • output: programmable
  • analog (current or voltage)
    1 or 2 x relays
    digital RS-485

  • display: LCD 2 x 8 characters with backilit,
  • supply: 85..253 V a.c./d.c. or 20...40 V a.c./20...60 V d.c.
  • conversion of the measured value into any output signal on the basis of the individual liner characteristics,
  • conversion of the measured value by means of one of five implemented mathematical functions,
  • conversion of the measured value on the basis of 21-point individual characteristics,
  • additional 24V DC 30mA power supply switched on/off like an alarm (option)
  • indication of exceeding the alarm values,
  • programmable alarm and analogue outputs with a reaction to the selected input value (main input or RTC clock),
  • real time clock with a clock power supply backup function in case of a transducer power supply loss,
  • recording the signal input in programmed time periods in the internal memory and on SD/SDHC card (option),
  • internal memory with the capacity of 534336 records,
  • automatic decimal point setting,
  • preview of configured parameters,
  • access to parameters locked by a password,
  • programming the measurement averaging time.

Lumel p30u

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