Lumel P18

Lumel p18lLumel p18l

P18 and P18D transducer are devices destined for the continuous measurement and conversion of relative humidity and ambient temperature into a digital or analog standard signal. Additionally P18D transducer is equipped in LCD screen.


The transducers programming are possible through the RS-485 interface. Applied sensor shields enable the application of the P18 and P18D transducers to operate in various ambient conditions. The transducers are designed to be mounted on a wall.


  • calculation of selected physical quantities (dew-point temperature, absolute humidity)
  • conversion of measured quantities into the output signal on the base of the individual linear characteristic
  • memory of maximal and minimal value for each of measured and calculated value,
  • programming of the measurement averaging time
  • servicing of RS-485 interface in MODBUS protocol in the RTU mode

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Lumel P43

P43 is destined for the conversion of 3-phase, 3 or 4-wire power network parameters, in balanced or unbalanced systems.

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