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Programmable meters with multicolour bargraph indicators NA3, NA5 and NA6 type are destined to measure and recording d.c. current or d.c. voltage, temperature, resistance and other non-electrical magnitudes like: level, flow, pressure, humidity

The device fulfills the requirements of III installation's category for the products designed to industrial application - see the video presenting, how important it is.

Meters with bargraph are devices ensuring both a high measurement accuracy and very well visualization of the measuring process courses. Very well visualization of the process is possible through using in meters 3 and 7-coloured bargraph built with diodes made in the gallium nitride technology. They can find application in various industrial fields, e.g.food industry, pumping stations and savage-treatment plants, chemical industry, weather stations, brewing industry and many other fields where they are destined for visualisation of the measured value and evaluation of the monitored manufacturing process change trend. They can also find application in automation systems where programmable controllers are applied.



  • input: programmable voltage: 0...300 mV, 0...200V, - 5...60V, current: 0...200 mA, 0...2A, thermocouple, resistance thermometers, 0...4/10W
  • output: programmable - analog, relay (up to 8 relays in meter NA6 type ), digital RS-485 with MODBUS protocol,
  • supply: 95...230...253 V a.c./d.c., 20...24...40 V a.c./d.c.
  • NA3 type – horizontal, 1-measuring channel in 3 options: with bargraph, with bargraph and display, only with display,
  • NA5 type – vertical, 1-measuring channel, with bargraph and display,
  • NA6 type – vertical, 2-measuring channels, with 2 bargraphs and 2 displays.
  • Next to programmable measuring functions meters have many additional functions: measurement of the input quantity and displaying it on the LED display and on the bargraph, evaluation of the input signal into the indication on the base of the individual linear characteristic, arithmetical: raising to a power, extraction of roots(additionally in NA6 type, operations in channels: summation, subtraction, multiplication, division), programming of the bargraph colour and resolution, signalling of the set alarm value exceeding, recording of the measured signal in programmed time intervals, memorisation of maximal and minimal values, programming of the measurement averaging time, programming of the indication resolution, lockout of parameter introduction by means of a password, servicing of the RS-485 interface in MODBUS protocol, both in ASCII and RTU mode, galvanic isolation, fixing in the panel
  • External dimensions: 96 x 24 x 125mm (NA3 type), 48 x 144 x 92mm (NA5 and NA6 type)

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Since June 2012, the LUMEL’s offer has been enriched by a new ND10 meter of network parameters. The meter is distinguished by a high measurement accuracy, legible backlit LCD display and an attractive price. Meter is supplied from measurement circuit.

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