Lumel N30H

Lumel n30h

The N30H meter is destined for the measurement of d.c. current and d.c. voltage up to 5 A and 600 V.


Characteristic of the N30H meter:

  • Input: d.c. current 6 A d.c. voltage 600 V
  • Output: relay (4), analog (1), digital RS-485/MODBUS (1),
  • Three-color display – red, green and orange, programmable in three intervals of the measured value – facilitates the observation of measured quantity changes. digit height: 14 mm highlighted measuring unit
  • Four alarm outputs with signaling on LED diodes operating in 6 different modes,
  • Conversion of any measured optional values into the analog signal 0/4…20 mA or 0…10 V,
  • Storage of minimal and maximal values for all measured quantities
  • Meter programming from the keyboard or through RS-485 interface by means of the free LPConfig program. Parameters which can be reprogrammed: display color, individually in three intervals, thresholds of displayed overflows, precision of displayed results (decimal point), unit highlighting, measurement averaging time, indication recounting (individual characteristic), alarm output parameters,
  • Supply: 85…253 V a.c./d.c. or 20…40 V a.c./d.c
  • Casing protection grade: IP65
  • Overall dimensions: 96 x 48 x 64 mm

Slični proizvodi


Lumel ND10

Since June 2012, the LUMEL’s offer has been enriched by a new ND10 meter of network parameters. The meter is distinguished by a high measurement accuracy, legible backlit LCD display and an attractive price. Meter is supplied from measurement circuit.

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