Lumel N27P

Lumel n27p

Designed for direct or indirect measurement of 1-phase network parameters: U, I, f, P, Q, S, PF, tg fi, fi, Ep, Eq. Thanks to modern design, N27P fulfills the requirements for devices mounted in standard modular switchgears..



  • universal measuring input: 1/5 A 100/400 V a.c. 32/63 A, 100/400 V a.c
  • direct measurement (up to 63A),
  • output: RS-485 interface with MODBUS protocol, 1 x relay + 1 x analog or 2 x relay,
  • modern graphical display in OLED technology,
  • programmable current and voltage transformer rati os,
  • meter configuration using button or free eCon software (through USB),
  • external dimensions: 53 x 110 x 60mm

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Lumel ND10

Since June 2012, the LUMEL’s offer has been enriched by a new ND10 meter of network parameters. The meter is distinguished by a high measurement accuracy, legible backlit LCD display and an attractive price. Meter is supplied from measurement circuit.

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