Lumel MR03

Lumel mr03

The MR03 radio transmission module is a device destined to convert the information transmission medium from the cable transmission with RS-232 and RS-485 into a wireless in the radio channel.



  • operation range: ca. 1.5 km (depends on the terrain configuration and the kind of applied antenna)
  • transmission speed: 4800 – 115200 b/s
  • operation in the non-licensed band 869.4 – 869.65 MHz
  • 5 independent radio channels
  • output power: 500 mW.
  • 2 operation mode: Point-Point, Point – Many Point
  • unique module address

The converter does not interfere into the structure of data transmission and is compatible with many industrial communication protocols like: MODBUS MODBUS RTU, Lumbus, and the like. The PD10 converter is a portable device supplied from the USB bus.

External dimension: 65 x 43 x 24mm

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PD51 converter/repeater RS-485/RS-232 interface is a digital device destined to convert the RS-232 into an RS-485 interface or the RS-485 interface into an RS-485 interface without the interference in the format and the structure of transmitted data.

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