Lumel MB16

Lumel mb16

Moving-coil meters MB16 type are destined to measure d.c. current or d.c. voltage and other physical quantities converted into a current or voltage standard signal.



  • direct measuring ranges: I = 40µA...25A, U = 60mV...1000V,
  • measuring ranges with external shunts: I = 1A...15kA,
  • accuracy class: 1,5
  • destined to be mounted on the DIN rail.
  • External dimensions: 53 x 90 x 65mm

Slični proizvodi

lumel dn

Lumel EB16

Moving-iron meters EB16 type are destined to measure a.c. current or a.c. voltage. They measure the true RMS value of a.c. voltage or a.c. current.

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