Lumel KS31

Lumel ks31

Synchronizing unit KS31 type is destined to automatic synchronizing of 3-phase generators during their coupling in parallel to the power network or other generators working at the rated 50 or 60 Hz frequency.

Measurement result are presented on the 3 LED displays separately for synchroscope, differential voltmeter and differential frequency meter.

input signals: U = 100, 110, 240, 400V,

output: relay, digital RS485 with MODBUS protocol.


KS31 synchronizing unit has many additional functions:

  • programmed setting of synchronizing parameter values for relay switching on
  • signalling of relay switching on,
  • signalling of any generator voltage range exceeding beyond 80-120% of the rated value
  • signalling of any network voltage range exceeding beyond 80-120% of the rated value,
  • communication and vizualisation through the serial RS-485 interface,
  • measurement of the voltage and frequency,
  • measurement of minimal and maximal values of voltage and frequency.
  • External dimensions: 144 x 144 x 77mm

Slični proizvodi


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Since June 2012, the LUMEL’s offer has been enriched by a new ND10 meter of network parameters. The meter is distinguished by a high measurement accuracy, legible backlit LCD display and an attractive price. Meter is supplied from measurement circuit.

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