Lumel EP27, EP29

Lumel ep27

Voltmeters equipped with a change-over switch EP27 and EP29 type are destined to measure phase-to-phase and line-to-line voltages in low voltage power networks. A switch installed on the left side of the dial enables the selection of the measured voltage.


They are particularly useful for measurements in electrical machine safeguard systems.


  • direct measuring ranges: U = to 500 V,
  • measuring ranges with voltage transformers: U=100 V or 110V,
  • fixing in the panel.
  • External dimensions: 72 x 72 x 65mm (EP27 type) 96 x 96 x 65mm (EP29 type)

Slični proizvodi

lumel dn

Lumel EB16

Moving-iron meters EB16 type are destined to measure a.c. current or a.c. voltage. They measure the true RMS value of a.c. voltage or a.c. current.

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